About Seafood, Meat, and Cold Chain Expo

International Indonesia Seafood and Meat Expo (IISM) is Indonesia's longest-running exhibition that focuses on the cold chain system or cold connection. IISM is the key platform for you to showcase your products, from frozen seafood and meat, to processed and ready-to-eat products, IISM is the hotspot for your seafood and meat products!

This year, we are proud to announce IISM's new sister event , here to highlight the importance of cold connection, and in keeping up with Indonesia's demand for fresh produce.

Together with Food + Beverage Indonesia, IISM and ICE is surely the place to be if you are in the industry. Don't miss this excellent oppor-TUNA-ty!


Exhibitor Profile

IISM and ICE Expo exhibit profile includes:
  • Fresh and Frozen Seafood
  • Fresh and Frozen Meat
  • Cold Supply Chain System
  • Cold Supply Chain Logistics
  • Refrigeration Supplies Machinery
  • Packaging and Labelling Supplies
  • Processing Machinery



Seafood & Meat and Cold Chain System Industry Facts

In the period of Jan - Jun 2021, fisheries exports in Indonesia reached USD 2.6 trillion, an increase of 7.3% from the previous year. Until the end of the year 2021, it is targeted that exports will reach USD 6,05 trillion.

The Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) suggests supply chain players to adapt to digital transformation and adopt digital technologies in their logistics process. By adapting to technologies, supply chain players can easily fulfil customers' needs in a short amount of time.

The cold chain market is expected to reach $344.51 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 9.49%.. The growth is mainly due to the increased demand for cold chain logistics from the processed food sector and the pharmaceutical sector.

Visitor Profile

  • Seafood, Meat and Poultry Industries
  • Catering Services
  • Exporters & Importers
  • Food Manufacturer & Processor
  • Hospitality, Hotel & Resturants
  • Supermarket / Hypermarket
  • Retailers
  • Storage, Transport & Logistic Experts
  • Cold Storage Specialist
  • Seafood & Meat Specialist
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Field
  • Community & Associations
  • End-Users
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Food + Beverage Indonesia Exhibition

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