For Exhibitors

Why Exhibit ?

Opportunity for Local Companies – Exhibit to showcase and grow your capabilities to become successful global exporters. Homegrown food businesses will be able to promote their brands for wider recognition, gain partnership invitation to expand their business and enlarge their customer base across the country and other overseas markets. Food + Beverage Indonesia will connect you with quality international and local buyers to explore doing business together. 

Opportunity for Foreign Companies – Exhibit to gain the special chance to sell your products and promote your expertise. With the internationalisation of local cuisine, Indonesian consumers are more and more open to new foods and flavours, therefore foreign companies can use Food + Beverage Indonesia as a launchpad to introduce their products and technological know-how to prospective Indonesian clients.   

Food and beverage processing is one of the most mature industries in Indonesia, with a large number of businesses competing for sales. The vast majority are small or micro-sized enterprises, though a fairly small number of large companies dominate the market. With technology adoption, smaller business can improve their operations, produce in higher volume with better quality and compete strongly with other players.