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Rescheduling of Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021

Dear Esteemed Exhibitors,

After much discussion and considerations, PT Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur and our partner association, the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) have decided to stage Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021 to a later date. Previously planned to be staged from 28 – 30 May 2021, Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021 will be staged on 20 – 22 August 2021 at the same venue, de Tjolomadoe, Karanganyar, Central Java.

With the new dates in August 2021, we are hopeful that the inaugural Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021 will serve our exhibitors and visitors better in a safer condition.

Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021 is specially staged and curated to boost and strengthen the Central Javanese Food and Beverage Industry. With exhibit profiles ranging from food supply to food machinery, beverage technologies, and many others, it is our mission to further empower the growing food and beverage industry in Central Java.

With features such as famous brands pop-up stores, interactive activities, cooking demonstrations, various sampling stations, and meet & greet with renowned Indonesian Chefs, Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival could not be missed by the Indonesian Food and Beverage Industry Players.

We thank those who have supported Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021 and look forward to welcoming everyone again in August. Your support in these challenging times is greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please contact our team at or +62-21 5366 0804. Our team will be ready to assist you.

Warmest Regards,

The Food, Beverage, and Chef Festival 2021 team

FOOD + BEVERAGE INDONESIA 2021: Berkomitmen Pada Pertumbuhan Industri Makanan dan Minuman Indonesia dengan Teknologi Modern

Permintaan pasar yang tinggi menjadikan industri pengolahan makanan dan produksi minuman sebagai sektor manufaktur industri yang sangat menjanjikan. Industri ini akan memberikan peluang besar bagi pemasok bahan baku sekaligus penyedia solusi pemrosesan makanan dan minuman.

Food + Beverage Indonesia akan hadir kembali dalam edisi kedua, dengan jadwal baru, yaitu pada tanggal 13-16 October 2021. Pameran ini akan menjadi wadah yang tepat untuk mempersatukan pemasok teknologi pemrosesan makanan dan minuman dalam dan luar negeri, produsen bahan makanan dan minuman, distributor produk, serta inovator layanan.

Food + Beverage Indonesia akan diselenggarakan selama 4 hari. Bertempat di Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta – Indonesia, pameran ini akan memperluas sektor industri makan dan minuman yang dikemas ke dalam 6 sub event. Ke 6 sub event tersebut diantaranya Coffee & Tea Expo, Sweet & Snack Expo, Organic Food Expo, Wine, Spirit & Gourmet, International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo, serta Indonesia Cold Chain Expo.

Bersamaan Food + Beverage Indonesia Exhibition, akan dihadirkan pula Chef Expo dan Kitchen + Bathroom Indonesia Exhibition, dimana melalui pameran ini akan menghasilkan suatu sinergi yang baik dan akan menjadi ajang berkumpulnya ahli/ spesialis di bidang kuliner, produsen makanan dan minuman, pemilik restoran, sektor perhotelan, pemasok peralatan makan, penjual produk akhir, pengusaha, hingga konsumen akhir.

Melalui pameran ini, pengunjung juga akan mendapatkan pengalaman yang menyenangkan untuk menjelajahi dunia inovasi makanan melalui kompetisi memasak, demo oleh selebriti Chef, hingga acara menarik lainnya. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai pameran, dapat menghubungi:

PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur

Carolyn Budiana (Ms.)
Project Manager
Phone : +62 21 5366 0804
Fax : +62 21 5325887/890
E-mail :


A rebranded and upgrade to FoodTech International for an all-rounded F&B focused exhibition.


Businesses and industry players looking for new trade avenues to regain opportunities in the food and beverage markets can look towards a more comprehensive event next year by exhibition organizer, PT Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur (WAKENI).  Food & Beverage Indonesia (FBI) will replace FoodTech International from 18 to 21 March 2021 at the JIExpo, Kemayoran – Jakarta, Indonesia, making way for a freshly branded and higher scale exhibition. FBI will fulfill wide-ranging needs for innovative end products, in-demand solutions and technology-driven production requirements that support the expanding food and beverage supply industry across the country.


Food & Beverage Indonesia is an all-inclusive festival of Indonesia’s best tastes, flavours, and inventions in food and beverages. This mega exhibition comprises 4 sub-events focusing on Indonesia’s growing palates for Sweets & Snacks, Organic Food, Coffee & Tea and Wine, Spirits & Gourmet. FBI aspires to bring forward a colourful showcase of unique food and beverage types as well as culinary equipment and technologies to cater to different consumption habits, taste preference and F&B production methods.

Food & Beverage Indonesia is set to bring together the country’s popular brand names and emerging businesses who have introduced novel and creative products to further invigorate Indonesia’s food, beverage and culinary sectors.  Exclusively designed and dedicated for innovators and creative producers in Indonesia’s food, beverage and culinary sectors, FBI will provide an opportune stage for exhibiting companies to gain further publicity and valuable business. The exhibition will connect them to targeted customers in person and enable close-up engagement with the influential network of food and beverage sales agents, distributors, retailers and brand influencers.

The exhibition will feature an extensive product range with each of 4 sub-events presenting the best end or ready-to-consume product for their category. Available across all sub-events and FBI in general are also the processing, preparation and culinary equipment, ingredients and raw materials and F&B technology or solutions sought after or provided by HORECA industry equipment providers, such as chillers, ovens, work benches. In all, FBI will gather food manufacturers, bakery house owners, beverage producers, tableware and cutlery suppliers, end-product sellers and entrepreneurs involved in the food and beverage trade at one central venue.

For visitors’ benefit, FBI will introduce Indonesian consumers and trade buyers to the ‘Next Big Thing’ in food and beverage, produced specially to represent Indonesia’s quality brand and popularity in the international F&B scene. Visitors can expect a fiesta full of fun onsite activities, amazing food spread and a feast of flavours and taste that are characteristically Indonesian. Visitors ranging from chefs, hoteliers, restauranteurs, small to large F&B businesses, baking and culinary skill enthusiasts including all food and beverage lovers will be the motivating factors for exhibiting companies to confidently promote their products’ outstanding taste, packaging, even retail value that would soon be popular amongst Indonesia’s large consumer groups.

Optimistic that the economic spring back and upswing in 2021 will allow for a robust trade exhibition to take place, Mrs. Rini Sumardi, Director of PT WAKENI said that, “The exhibition takes inspiration from Indonesia’s promisingly profitable food and beverage industry that has proven to be resilient against recent pandemic impacts. Food consumption needs are prevalent and continue to boast huge sales and buyer prospects.” This provides a meaningful backdrop for participating companies to identify new distributors and sales agents that will pave their entry into broader consumer markets. FBI offers the perfect platform for participating companies to introduce brand or to strengthen brand awareness across Indonesia and possible export markets. As immediate procurement orders can be made at the exhibition, exhibitors can also expect quick return of investment and see fast participation results.

Booth booking for Food & Beverage Indonesia is now open. Contact our sales team at or visit for more information to exhibit. Visitor registration will start on early December 2020.

Kitchen + Bathroom Indonesia and FoodTech International move to March 2021!

Indonesia’s 2 inspiring trade platforms for home and lifestyle enthusiasts – Kitchen + Bathroom Indonesia and FoodTech International will now be held together next year on the 18 to 21 March 2021 at the Jakarta International Expo. Kemayoran. The exhibitions were previously scheduled to be held from the 23 to 26 September 2020 alongside other exhibitions organized by PT Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur (WAKENI). This development is also in line with WAKENI’s plans to renew focus on the parallel similarities between the two exhibitions; that is to meet the end-consumer intertwined needs across the home equipment, appliances and innovation sector, and the food supply technology sector.

“Tightening social distancing regulations and operational restrictions for business communities and the public by Indonesia’s Ministry of Health due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation has led WAKENI to review the exhibitions standing in the market and amongst our industry stakeholders. We hear our industry partners, exhibiting companies and visitors’ feedback and support for the exhibitions, and concluded the importance of holding the exhibition still albeit at a later time for all parties to make better preparations meanwhile,” said Mrs Rini Sumardi, Director of WAKENI.

With more people forced to stay at home more, the bathroom and kitchen environment – particularly so for the kitchen setting where food supply is being stocked, are essential needs for the public. Despite the operational slow down faced by manufacturers, service providers and suppliers in the kitchen and bathroom industry, there have been continued demands for products by end-consumers. As for the food technology sector, requirements for solutions and services that support the end-food supply such as for delivery, convenient or packaged food are steady and expanding.

For many companies looking forward to a more stimulating 2021, the exhibitions will be the opportune event for them to start promoting their business proactively. “We see a potential stabilization in market demands after the pandemic situation eases and see the new schedule next year as a good time to hold the exhibitions. The exhibitions will serve as the springboard platform for companies in the industry to return to the market, regain opportunities and reconnect with their customers. The few months wait from the earlier scheduled dates will give our exhibiting companies more time to observe market movements and consumer demand patterns, as well as to adequately plan their output logistics in order to introduce relevant products at the exhibitions next year,” added Mrs Sumardi.

For more information on this announcement and necessary assistance to all stakeholders of the exhibitions, kindly reach out to our team via